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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 3, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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(knocks on door)anie, we're like honey?h. i'm dying my hair mom. hair dye? it's just purple. teenage daughter? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy grime. with scrubbing bubbles for 100% problem solved. men get me in trouble. ♪ >> taylor and calvin say it ain't so. hollywood's it couple calls it quits. so what went wrong? tonight we have clues to their sudden split and there is a bright side to the break up, this is it, more taylor heart break classics. how they were prepared for other
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plus new johnny depp drama. >> then what really killed prince? we have the aut opsyresults just revealed. >> from clueless stars to fox news. why stacy dash is taking aim at everybody from lady gaga to caitlyn jenner. >> she wants to go in the women's bathroom, go to the >> taylor swift and calvin harris are done. i'm in new york city on assignment. everybody here talking about the top power couple going down >> we are looking into that 14 month love affair which was getting more serious. so what went wrong. >> to quote her lyrics she had a long list of exlover continue calvin she writes your name.
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>> what is the best gift you ever received? >> my boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for christmas. >> they shared one last memory. this kiss after a vacation two weeks ago. a quite moment after a 14 month romance. >> for the first time hi the most amazing person to come home to and the spotlight went out and when the crowds were all gone so i want to thank boyfriend for that. >> e.t. confirmed their split yesterday. today everyone is asking went wrong. >> it first started around may 2nd when she didn't bring calvin with her to the met ball and he was in a car crash and taylor was there for them. no one dramatic happened. it wasn't a dramatic split. it was just two people that felt it was their tim
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go their separate ways. >> there was so much scrutiny. here's a romance rewind. the paparazzi werant czy for the plcou te athe first pubdalic te last april. a concert in west hollywood. a milestone in marchand they sealed so happy. posting video of his mahomede anniversary cake. >> we have a one year cake. >> they even hit the bahamas sharing this view. >> it's beautiful. >> the singers sealed their love in the sand with calvin's read initials, a.w. she danced along with his set with rihanna at coachella. so what's next? calvin has a scheduled d.j. gig this weekend and taylor is getting love from her bestie. abigail anderson posted this sweet picture on instagram and wrote, quote, there are few things more significant or value a
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stand the test of time. >> i just can't wait to hear the muse take comes out of this break up we'll get into that later in the show. the prince autopsy re in and we know what killed the musical super the medical examiners r determines the singers cause of death. the accidental overdose from the opiod and he weighed only 112 pounds. he was discovered april 21st at his paisley park estate. an autopsy was performed at the medical examiners office. his body was cremated.
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he struggled and used them with pain from hip and ankle injuries. the official autopsy report notes scars on his left hip and right lower leg. addiction specialist said opiod uue can be a vicious cycle. >> the pain medicine became what killed them. pain gets worse and created a cycle of using and seeking. >> princs e wadressed in black from a cap on his head to black clothing and socks. >> we'll continue to kee to date today as more details surface. right now there's new developments in the johnny depp amber heard drama. this photo on tuesday johnny with his arm around a fan. she kisses his cheek. he looks as though all is well with the world. johnny appears to be having a good time touring with his band the hollywood vampires and inspite of the photos released by amber heard alleging abuse, johnny was in the mood to celebrate after the band's show in denmark last night. witnesses sawwhim drinking, smoking and having a conversation with another mystery blonde.
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he was the last one to leave the hotel bar at 4:00 p.m.. meanwhile amber was spotted in her car in los angeles a source tells e.t. amber intended to file a police report against johnny but tmz reports she had a change of heart. and that amber has told friends she quote doesn't want to bury him and that she still loves him. >> there's more news to get to from here in new york. last night selena gomez performed and she is in new jersey tonight and found time to hang with one of the world's biggest soccer super stars. their connection kicks off tonight's know and tell. rose colored glasses and threw down but look who else was there? 24-year-oll brazilian soccer super stey
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they hung out in a private room. they would be social media royalty. she still mohas hare tn 81 million followers and he i brazil's king. neymar is that country' popular social media personality and one of the world's top 25 ehighst paid athletes. the barcelona super star now is single after becoming a dad in 2011. but are he and selena a thing? we hear last night was their first meeting and jojo nas and michael jordan partied with them too. next does selena's ex have something to hide? covered up, he left with rita ora. k thinthis is a weird look? check out justin's fashion tastement earlier this week. yeah. that's a baby's pacifier in his >> she hit up jimmy kimmel to tape a segment that airs tonight
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gown for dinner at mr. chows throwing shade at the paparazzi. >> can we not get that question anymore. come on dude. >> then this magicamel mont happened. the diva get ace reality check. >> it's fine. >> mariah returns to her vegas residency on tuesday and here's the good news. all the ceilings are very high. you get i you got that, right? >> i got it but i can't even laugh because i bump my head probably every single day. let's talk about eva longoria. she is back from her hone and i got the chance to talk to her about her big day tnchts whole night was magica >> that's last night at her restaurant during the after par the l.a. film festival premiere of her new movie. >> it's total l.a. the story is an l.a. story and
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that's not been depicted in films. >> she also dishes about the dress designed by victor beckham. >> i know you and victoria collaborated. >> we didn't have a lot of time. a little over a month. she pulled out every dress she ever made and i felt like a little girl in the best wardrobe ever. >> i'm a simple girl. my engagement ring is even too much for me. >> how good does it feel? >> i love it. >> it's the good thing. >> are you going to e professional? >> i don't kno when you change your name i'm going to do it. we'll see. >> i'll start the campaign. >> elb. >> up next is wonder years. reunion.
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>> a clueless star takes hollywood. the most controversial interview yet. calling out caitlyn jenner. >> why do i have to suffer because you can't decide what you want to be that day. >> and her break up song. the four moments we want to hear her sing introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch.
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>> i think all of america had it. you think you're right. >> that first episode aired 30 years ago. now she is back in a new tv movie but where ever she goes winnie is sure to follow. >> do you care if i sit with you? >> i do hear it when wake into a restaurant because they'll start playing it just for me. ♪ >> now 41, danica has barely changed. >> could you ever do me a solid and have a wonder years reunion. >> fred savage said he would never do it. >> no, none. >> maybe he'll change his mind. meanwhile danica stars in the movie wedding bells as a bridesmaid that falls for a best man. >> i do. > >> in real life the ph.d. i mathematics had her own wedding in 2014. >te
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my best friend if he asked me to marry him i would say yes. we did a sunrise wedding. >> oh my. >> i was walking down the aisle at 6:30 in the morning just as the sun was coming up. it was so beautiful. >> her son from her first iamarrge was part of the ceremony and her cake was three tiers. they sent up a little cake tasting. >> now we have red velvet. >> yeah. >> here's what i like. you can taste the cream cheese. >> can you say died and gone to heaven? i fell in love with the coconut. but that triple berry. >> my future husband that is going to be our cake. >> that's going to be my wedding >> still ahead the break up songs we hope taylor swift writes about calvin. how they will compare to her past break up hits.
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>> plus the sit down with clueless star turned fox news analyst stacy dash that's not holding anything back when it comes to her hatred for hollywood stars. >> nothing scares me. >> closed captioning provided by.
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♪ >> look we absolutely love taylor and calvin as a couple but if they are going to break up, so what we hope comes out of it is music. back to her whirlwind romance with calvin and found f moments we hope we hear taylor turn into song. ♪ >> the first moment of course is when they met. it was in february of last year at an awards show and her pal introduced them and basically the first lyric is already written. you have successfully buried youuself inside my head. she has those words framed at the entry way of her l.a. home and it's easy to say he may have said that to her. and with that taylor was feeling all the feels. >> we also love all of the couple's postcard moments from paradise. it started with the pool and ended
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the bbach. calvin shirtless and taylor in a biniki jumping off a floating trampoline and their initials in the sand and this kiss with her foot up. >> and there's date night. so sweet..o cf1 o calvin and taylor plus about 20 paparazzi and she is also snapped in her uniform which is crop top and legs for days. >> is it so wrong that we a want a song where taylor just talks about how hot calvin is. and of course explaining what went wrong. >> i wouldn't think that taylor is writing a lot of bad blood songs just yet however i wouldn't be surprised if we saw a music video where taylor rips that gold locket calvin gave her right off her neck. kind of like the out of the woods video. that was a clear reference to her style who she also wrote the song styleeabout. we can see the airplane necklaces that they have worn.
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>> she has a long list of ex-lovers and provided the inspiration for most of our swift play lists. one of our favs is about john mayer. dear john. ♪ >> joon mayer came out later and -psaid the song really humiliat him and he later fired back at taylor and called it cheap song writing. >> we are never ever getting back together is reportedly about her two month romance with jake gyllenhall. joe jonas gets forever and always and back to december is her apology for taylor lautner for things not working out >> taylor has warned all of her potential boyfriends that love/break up songs will follow. after one split she even said didn't you wikapedia me before you asked me out on a date.
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>> now a lot of people say that song right there is about harry styles and she has written three songs about harry that of. >> that relationship wasn't long. we might get a whole album out of this one. you want somebody that puts out there for the entire world to hear though, i give you stacy dash. we all know her from clueless and fox news but every stacy talks she makes headlines and she did it again when i scored the first interview with her about her new tell all book. >> do you feel like hollywood turned it's back on you. >> yeah. >> you feel black balled. >> yeah. i've had myyrepresentation just drop me because of my politics. >> her politics can be described as conservative. a licensed gun owner, donald trump supporter and some of her opinions left her wide open for criticism. >> at the naacp industry awards he called you ann coulter dipped in butterscotch. >> i'm nothing like her.
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i'm black and mexican. he felt like he wanted to do he wanted to be petty. >> unapologetic and steadfast in her believes she stirred up controversy before. she opens up about everything. from the age of 16 to sexual abuse she suffered as a young child. >> what's most important to me is that people get a better understanding because i really think people think i grew up in beverly hills somewhere which is the furtherest from the truth. >> you go after folks in your book. you call out lady gaga. you feel like her anti-bullying campaign is ttying to promote her liberal agenda. >> yeah. >> why do you think that? >> because it is. that's what hollywood does. hollywood pushes a liberal agendath
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country and whether we like or not hollywood dictates the culture of the country. >> you also call out caitlyn jenner. >> ye >> she's a conservative. >> yeah but she is saying she wants to go into the woman's bathroom. she's a woman now. go into the woman's bathroom. why do i have suffer because you can't decide what you want to be that day. >> but is it a decision? >> i would think so. it's your body. so it's your decision. we all make choices. >> a lot of people in the transgender community would then say it is who i am and i don't choose to be one way or another. it's who i am. i don't know what to tell you. but i'm not going to put myself ttere because you're changing the law so you can be comfortable with your believes which means have to changey
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>> would you ever run for >> yes. >> you would? >> i would. >> have you thought seriously about it? >> yes. >> will you? >> it's god's plan. i never try to say what the future holds. >> president dash. you never know. stacy and i talked for more t -pan hour there was a lot more this interview. we're donot itne wh it. tomorrow is flash back frida and that's what we'll do. we're taking her back to high school. >> hello. that was a stop sign. >> you used to be number one. the object of every man's desire. >> 20 years after clueless -- >> this is the patent leather look. >> new secrets from the set. >> when guilty or innocent the script i knew it was mine. >> that is tomorrow.
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>> before we go wanted to let you know that a huge championship begins tonight. not the nba finals. something else. >> that's right. it's charity champions league. it's an online charity competition. it's free to play. participating corporations make the donation for you. how awesome is that? kevin is playing for a school on wheels. i'm playing in honor of my mom and for a friend living with so please join our teams and help. >> that's what it's all about. making a difference. make sure that you go to charity and make sure that you check out our social handle. lots of information there too. back in la tomorrow. i'll see you then.
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his paisley park home by estate staff and kornfeld's son andrew who had taken a red eye to begin recovery process. kornfeld was carrying opioid addiction treatment pills. the attorney, explained the son's role last month. >> andrew's purpose in being there was to describe the recovery without walls program to familiarize prince with that. prince could go there for pain management and any addiction issues. >> reporter: since prince's death investigators including the drug enforcement agency have focused on the singer's use of the painkillers and how he got them. now, that we know how prince died. authorities will have to determine if criminal charges should be filed. and scott, prince any estate still needs to be sorted out. the next hearing in the case is june 27th. >> jamie yuccas outside the prince home. jamie, thank you. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪


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